Stuff for sale

Myydään allaolevat.

To fund my company, I’m selling pretty much every piece of test and ham radio equipment in my lab. Pictures below. Everything I have here have been on my personal lab and now have to make way for starting up my company Everything is guaranteed to work 100% (unless mentioned in description). Pickup only from Vantaa, Finland. Transport to Uusimaa area can be arranged.

Contact: kimka a nic dot fi
Puh. 050 3520095


Test equipment (whole remaining lot = 4000 EUR)

  • Rohde & Schwarz FSB-C – Spectrum Analyzer, communication monitor. 100 Hz… 5.2 GHz, 100 dBm noise floor, 6 Hz filter. Ideal for phase noise measurements. Nice condition, minimum wear or or tear. You can’t get a machine of this caliber for this price anywhere (beware of eBay “powers on, missing knobs” etc. auctions!).  Calibrated in 2012 by the company I bought it from. Has an internal OCXO!
    3200 EUROS
  • HP Z3801A – hi-stability GPS timebase, for generating 10 MHz time signal for all the test equipment. 48 VDC power source included.
    570 EUROS
  • HP 6632B PSU -  20 V /  5A programmable laboratory power supply  TWO LEFT
    170 EUR for one, 320 EUR for both
  • HP 3330B - Frequency Synthesizerfrom µHz levels to 20 MHz. – NEEDS PSU REPAIR, LEAKS AC ON CASE, SOLD AS IS
    50 EUR or free with any other purchase
  • APC SURTD3000XLI – Rack mount UPS with auxillary battery unit. NEEDS BATTERY REPLACMENT. SOLD AS IS.
    350 EUR/OFFER

Ham radio stuff (whole remaining lot = 900 EUR)

  • Yaesu FT-857D – Fixed HF/VHF/UHF multibander transcaiver
  • LDG Z-100Plus – An autotuner for HF bands
    650 + 150 euros,  700 for both
  • Kenwood TH-F7E – Handheld HF/VHF/UHF multibander transceiver
    220 euros

Already sold:

  • Tektronix 466  – Analog storage oscilloscope SOLD
  • HP 8657A  – Signal Generator 100 kHz … 1040 MHz SOLD
  • Fluke 8375A Multimeter – With beautiful Nixie tubes. SOLD



First field day of 2014

Finally, after months of planning and trying to find a free weekend for all four of us (me, Anton OH2FNZ (OG2K), Vesa OH2JCP and Jouni OH2FTJ), we managed to hold the first field day of 2014 at Vesa’s summer place in Luumäki, Finland. I could say the weekend was a success.

We arrived on Friday and started with troubleshooting and calibrating a beautiful piece of hardware from the late 1970′s; a busted and dirty Sony Tektronix 314 portable analog storage oscilloscope (!). Thanks to TekWiki, we found a perfect set of schematics for troubleshooting.

Vesa studying the circuit diagrams of Sony Tektronix 314 (pictured in the middle)- a portable analog storage oscilloscope (!) from late 1970′s.

Quality Japanese-American engineering… just what you’d except from Tek.

The scope was functioning surprisingly good, the biggest problem being in the analog storage high voltage generation, which was behaving intermittently. We decided to postpone the repair of the storage portion of the scope, as we didn’t have the equipment to study the problem. (I’ll post an article of its own when I finally have time again to re-open the box and find the problem.)

After we had everything set up, Anton and Vesa started modifying this unidentified Yaesu radio with a really clever modification -  IF output of the second VFO for an SDR dongle (on PC). The idea is to have a waterfall display on the laptop, so you can see what’s happening on the band.

Anton operating on 7 MHz band, the SDR laptop on the top. Notice the convenient, portable ham shack!

I think I’m going to build the same project my FT-857D, even if I operate mostly on 70cm and 2m bands. I’d love to have more visual information on what’s happening on the band.


Not a bad rack for 25 euros.


Believe me or not, but this 20U, 19″ rack cost me 25 euros, about 5% of the retail price:


I recommend all of you pop in your local recycling center right now, as it’s January and companies are getting rid of their old equipment for free. Guess whose lab they end up in…


If you want one, check out Vantaan Kierrätyskeskus (recycling center of Vantaa) and go get yours. They still had three left on Wednesday. I would , but I don’t have room in my lab for another.

It’ll soon be 2014.

After spending a while comparing different web site content management systems, I finally settled on WordPress. The reasons? It’s easy to use, installation was hassle free and the software is expendable with plugins. Documentation is easily available and the integrated updater/plugin finder system is pretty darn fine.

The year 2013 was pretty intense for me; I’ve been spending it mostly at work and renovating my house I bought a while ago. But for 2014, I have lots of plans:

  • Antenna and mast installation. Right now I have a makeshift inverted-V antenna that just doesn’t work in this super noisy environment the part of the city I’m living in. I will try to find a nice used mast that I could install on my property without neighbors giving me bad rap about it.
  • Projects and hobbies. Now that I’ve almost finished the renovations of my house and have finally settled in here, I should have a bit more free time for my hobby projects and going to places. Will definitely go to field days and start being active on the bands.
  • Getting my lab ready. I need to replace my dead Hakko soldering iron (when I mean dead, I mean dead) and figure out a way to make PCB’s at home. I do have couple of places where I can do PCB’s and solder on the meantime and a plethora of PCB manufacturers that can do the job for me.

So, stay tuned for new projects and articles. I hope you all a good start for the year 2014!